Police departments use the Internet to publish press releases, community information releases, school information releases, and press conference notifications, and other bulletins on a regular basis. These bulletins often include boilerplate information, such as contact information, date, logo etc. and common descriptors, such as height, weight, hair color, etc.

The Crime Prevention Alerts tool allows police departments to quickly and easily create and publish these releases. It fills in boilerplate information and lets the police department choose which officer’s contact information to use. It provides smart editors with dropdowns for common descriptor values that minimize typing. It provides a WYSIWIG editor for release content and allows uploading of images and video links. Police departments can easily attach crime prevention tips by selecting from a dropdown.

In addition to the customer-facing interface, the application provides a rich set of administration tools for creation and editing of crime prevention tips and descriptor dropdowns, as well as the management of subscribers, subscriptions, groups and users.