Social media is a powerful platform for growing a professional network and keeping customers engaged. Success is directly correlated to consistent posting of quality content. For many professionals, finding engaging content to post on a regular basis is a time-consuming activity that takes away time that could be devoted to their core business.

Lumentus Social greatly speeds up the process of posting engaging content by combining a curated content generation engine with easy sharing to multiple social network accounts. Lumentus Social manages the differences among social networks and allows users to preview how a post will look on each individual network. Realtime tracking of response and follower growth allows users to measure their effectiveness, as well as respond in realtime on multiple accounts. An innovative feature of Lumentus Social allows publishing to groups of social media accounts, which is particularly useful for consistent messaging in related business groups such franchises and real estate brokerages.

The Lumentus Social platform has been integrated into other applications, providing content, publishing, reporting, and advertising services via a JSON API.