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Founder/Principal Consultant

Ed Posnak

Ed founded Eigence Inc. in 1994 as a consulting company specializing in custom software development, his lifelong passion.

Over the years Ed has serviced dozens of clients, from large financial institutions, to startups, to non-profits, in allĀ facets of software production: product strategy, system architecture, software development, team leadership/mentoring, platform integration, training, operations, and sales support.

Ed’s hands-on involvement in software, product, and business development enables him to facilitate clear communication among stakeholders and ensure that the development effort is continuously delivering maximum business value.

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Here's What Our Clients Are Saying...
Ed Posnak is one of the best engineers I’ve had the honor to work with. He works great in an agile environment and developed a high quality product that met specifications and worked the first time. It has continued to work with minimal effort needed for new requirements. Part of this was his adherence to DRY software that made a complex system highly adaptable. I would highly recommend using Ed for any project that demands quality and/or agility to new requirements. I look forward to work with him on future projects.
~ Jonathan Hager, Lead Software Engineer, Nike
Ed’s excellent project analysis, planning and documentation combined with anticipating the needs of the client make him my choice when I need a software development coach. Ed has an innovative approach to working with strong-minded teams, fostering communication between the business and developers to deliver a superior product. Ed’s intensity and dedication to the project along with his knowledge and experience is invaluable, reducing project costs, and time to completion. Ed is a Rockstar!!!
~ Jerry Sandoval, President, Recontek Systems Inc.
Ed Posnak has been a valuable contributor to our efforts. He brought a demonstrable level of expertise with him in an area in which we were deficient, and which was impeding our progress. He proved to be very knowledgeable and very easy and pleasant to work with. We would not hesitate to contract for his services again, and recommend him highly.
~ Bill DeRuyter, Senior Developer, Xerox Corporation
The tools that Eigence has created for us are superior to those available from much larger vendors and with a much more cost-efficient budget and timeline. Venev has always been extremely approachable, adept at developing new technologies to fit exacting standards and dynamic requests, and dedicated to the needs of the client at every step. Products were always delivered prior to deadline and were open for revision or addition as necessary. Venev is truly a pleasure ot work with and we would highly recommend to any colleagues or collaborators or fellow research groups.
~ Susan Cheng, Native American Alliance for Emergency Preparedness
I am grateful for his ability to see the entire picture, not just from a technical standpoint, but with the idea that the end user is the ultimate consumer of the product. The work product was a true collaboration; Ed’s expertise helped create things that we could not have even considered previously.
~ Jim Bennett, Vice President Crime Prevention Outreach, LLC
Eigence clearly demonstrated they have the subject matter experts for the development and deployment of PKI and LDAP solutions. I would use them again without hesitation.
~ Randy Gutierrez, Chief Information Officer, BankServ
Our team was fragmented and our project directionless until Ed became involved. In a very short time he was able to identify all our problems, both inter-personal and technical, and demonstrate to us not only how our biggest impediments were of our own manufacture, but also how the energies responsible for those impediments could be redirected and synergized into forward motion.
~ Todd Lorenz, Chief Technology Officer, Recontek Systems Inc.
Ed Posnak has become an extended member of our development team. He provides advanced skills in areas where we have needs. We use Ed in a surgical manner to work high priority problems that must be solved quickly with high quality solutions. His skills are excellent and the designs and code he produces are of very high quality. Ed integrates well with the rest of the team. He is well liked and is a pleasure to work with. He gets down to work quickly and proceeds in a logical manner toward the goal. We have been quite pleased with is work to date and look forward to using Ed at various times throughout this upcoming year.
~ Keith J. Emanuel, Senior Software Developer, Xerox Corporation
We needed something better and more flexible to achieve our product goals. Ed was able to listen to what we wanted to do, evaluate what we had and then suggest a better, more efficient way to do it. Ed’s redesign of our system was a gamechanger; it improved the quality and flexibility of our customer services, enabling us to more easily develop and integrate our other product ideas. He worked tirelessly to develop, test and put into production several added items we needed to meet a significant hard deadline: a presentation at a national conference.
~ Josef Kachman, President Crime Prevention Outreach, LLC
Eigence is very knowledgeable and delivered a quality product within the timelines promised. I would highly recommend Eigence for any PKI or LDAP-related project.
~ Julie Conroy, Product Manager, BankServ